Xquisite Yachts Trade-In Program

Ready to order your new Xquisite catamaran, but want to avoid the hassle of selling your current boat?

Our new trade-in program

is designed to help facilitate this process…

Xquisite will offer the best trade in numbers for your used boat, in exchange for one of our new catamarans.

You can skip dealing with buyers, sea trials, surveys, marinas, maintenance and expensive brokerage fees, and start enjoying life aboard your new yacht without waiting to sell your current boat.

Xquisite Yachts Trade-In Program
If your boat qualifies, you would receive the value of your boat towards the purchase of your new Xquisite Catamaran.

Availability of new yachts


  • X5+020 – SOLD
  • X5+021 – SOLD
  • X5+022 – SOLD
  • X5+023 – SOLD


  • X5+028 – SOLD
  • X5+029 – SOLD
  • X5+030 – SOLD
  • X5+031 – SOLD


  • X5+024 – SOLD
  • X5+025 – SOLD
  • X5+026 – SOLD
  • X5+027 – SOLD


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